• 3 Kikinamage Mikan, QC

  • 819 449 5170 ext 1800




The KZA Natural Resource and Wildlife Office carries out silviculture contracts on the greater traditional territory. These contracts create high paying employment opportunities for community members and allows the Natural Resource and Wildlife Office to be financially self-reliant. Revenue generated from these contract allow us to leverage funds for other projects such as our species at risk programs.

While we specialize in brushcutting, we also carry out other types of work such as pruning and tree-planting. In 2021 and 2022, we planted 20,000 red oak seedlings on the reserve common lands. Our hopes are that these red oaks will replace some of the beech trees that we have lost due to the beech bark disease and become a food source for the many animals that rely on beech nuts and acorns for forage.

KZA community members who are interested in joining our silviculture teams are encouraged to contact Erik Higgins at 819-449-5170 ext.1800 or by e-mail at Erik.Higgins@kza.qc.ca