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Our team

Team Members

Erik is the natural resource and wildlife office manager. He oversees all of the projects to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. As a forester, he seeks to find a balance between conservation and economic opportunities for community members. Erik has 17 years of forestry experience beginning as a tree-planter in northern Ontario during schooling years. As a part-time farmer, Erik is passionate about learning about how things grow and all of the complexities and inter-relationships associated with forest ecosystems. As a team manager, Erik values teamwork, comradery and humor among his co-workers.
Liz CoteGuardian Nagadjitodjig Akiguardians@kza.qc.ca
Liz has been a guardian since 2019 and has over 10 years of experience working with species at risk within the territory. Part of her job is to merge tradition with current practices while making a presence on the land as well as the recovery of Kitigan Zibi’s butternut trees. Although her primary role is with guardians, one of her favourite lesser roles is labelling bottles of Awazibi.
Amy MorinConsultation OfficerAmy.Morin@kza.qc.ca 819 449 5170 ext: 1802
Amy joined the natural resources team in June 2020 as the Consultation Officer. After many years working for the government, Amy lends her administration experience to the consultation process with the organization and coordination of consultations that arise within Kitigan Zibi’s traditional territory. Amy always enjoys the chance to interact with community members, most notably volunteering at Halloween time and various community festivities.
Corey Twenish Guardian Nagadjitodjig Akiguardians@kza.qc.ca
Corey has been working with Nagadjitodjig Aki/Species at risk for 2 years. He grew up hunting and fishing within the territory with his family. Corey's favourite parts of being a Guardian are being able to be on the land daily, actively help in monitoring our waters/wildlife and is given to opportunity to learn new skills that help with protecting the land.
Pierre-Luc, better known as PL, is Kitigan Zibi’s biologist. Since starting with the Natural Resources & Wildlife Office in 2020, PL manages the species at risk team as well as provides input for consultations. Biology has shown PL that wilderness is a concert of complex interactions rather than a collection of species and working with the Anishinabe people has shown him the difference between books and reality. His attention to detail with tanning hides and beading is outstanding.
Allen CayerSupervisor Awazibi Pure Maple Syrup
Allen has been with the Natural Resources & Wildlife Office for over 20 years. He oversees the production of Awazibi Pure Maple Syrup and his knowledge of all things maple syrup are vital to the operations of Awazibi. Allen also has many years of experience working as supervisor with the Natural Resource & Wildlife office’s brushcutting contracts as well as working as a forest guardian.
Dolcy MenessGuardian Nagadjitodjig Akiguardians@kza.qc.ca
Dolcy has been working as Nagadjitodjig Aki for 2 years and is an excellent asset to the team. Her favourite parts of being a guardian are working with traditional medicines, reviving the Anishinabemowin language and story telling through the camera lense.